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March 21, 2020 Update - The River is Going Live Online

We’re excited to be launching our Sunday worship time online starting tomorrow March 22 at 10AM. It’s amazing how times like these will change HOW we engage as a church, but our mission remains the same: To Multiply God’s Kingdom One Heart at Time through Worship, Community and Mission.

JOIN US ONLINE> When Jesus gave us The Great Commission to Make Disciples, Baptize Disciples, and Teach Disciples His Commands, He promised He would always be with us and give us His Spirit of Power to be His witnesses in all the world. We want to use all methods possible to share the Gospel, and this season of uncertainty allows us to adjust our approach to accomplish the same mission with a firm trust of God’s certain plan to give us a future and a hope  We pray we can meet in person again very soon, and we will use all means possible to connect us together online in the meantime. Thank you for praying for one another and supporting the Gospel mission of River Community Church. In this time, we need each other more than ever.

Simply Following Jesus  Pastor Keith